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Planning and Analysis is the bedrock for making effective and timely decisions. DMA provides an array of planning and analysis processes, tools and resources that are tailored to support unique decisions.

We analyze needs, recommend solutions and implement the solution to drive improvement. Our experts are skilled at researching and analyzing complex programmatic problems and developing solutions that are aimed at improving program performance.

Our Offerings:

Acquisition Planning
Acquisition planning is an essential step to turning wants and needs into high quality goods and services. Proper planning in the early stage of the acquisition lifecycle can prevent disappointment down the road. Our focus on key areas such as defining the need and developing the acquisition strategy; preparing procurement documents; and training acquisition staff on Federal, departmental, and agency appropriation laws, regulations, and procedures.

Strategic Planning
Our approach to the development and implementation of strategic planning provides enterprise-level views of portfolios, focusing on the nexus of current policy, programs, and resources. We work with stakeholders to balance resources, identify and mitigate risks, and determine strategy effectiveness to achieve a common vision, and we provide decision-makers real alternatives and simple solutions to build overwhelming strategic momentum.

Portfolio Management
Our portfolio management methodology helps organizations weigh trade-offs between capability and funding and take an enterprise view in evaluating, choosing and prioritizing investments and distributing resources based upon each project’s and the portfolio’s contribution to overall strategic and organizational goals.

Operations Research
Our Operations Analysts employ techniques from mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization to weigh the costs and benefits of alternative approaches to complex problems. Our analysts face new problems by determining which research technique is most appropriate given the nature of the system, the goals for improvement, and constraints on time and computing power. Our use of advanced mathematical and analytical methods helps organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions.

Business Process Reengineering
We help organizations develop and understand their value chains and effectively integrate people, process, and technology using a cross enterprise team-based approach to deliver tangible results. We utilize simple, logical methodologies for assessing process weaknesses, identifying gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, leverage technology, and sustain improved business process performance.

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