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The backbone to successful program management support is providing the right personnel with the right skill sets with the right experience level. Whether it is providing senior managers, experienced subject matter experts, acquisition professionals, IT/network managers, or administrative support staff, our team of qualified personnel represents the broad spectrum of available, current, and relevant expertise to meet any management challenge.

DMA aligns your goals, objectives, and priorities for the most efficient, cost-effective program operation. Our common thread that connects our approach with successful delivery are the documented best practices leveraged within the facets of the program management lifecycle.

Our Offerings:

Acquisition Management
Our acquisition and procurement services provide timely access to accurate, authoritative, and reliable information supporting acquisition oversight, accountability, and decision-making throughout the acquisition and procurement process for effective and efficient delivery of client capabilities.

Risk Management
Our risk-based approach to program management, cost, schedule, and technical performance considers effectiveness, efficiency, and constraints due to applicable laws, directives, Executive Orders, policies, standards, and regulations. Our managers are trained to mitigate risk and apply risk management concepts.

Schedule Management
Effective program management requires developing and maintaining detailed program schedules for all program phases. Our schedule management approach starts in the planning phase. We create a schedule management plan that lists milestones, activities, and deliverables with intended start and finish dates and aligns the plan with the execution strategy. We use a critical path method (CPM), we prepare and update master schedules that portray summary level activities for each phase of large, complex programs.

Program/Project Management
DMA works closely with our client’s Program Manager and/or team to plan and design a program management approach that addresses multiple project plans, each with a schedule and budget. Our Program Management consultants identify key metrics to monitor progress and adheres to specific program management process standards for planning, execution, and control. We align business and technical processes to meet program objectives and ensure collection and reporting of metrics. Our certified consultants carefully monitor progress, manages budgets, analyzes metrics, and reports on achievement of results compared to objectives.

Business Case Analysis
Our holistic approach to creating Business Case Analyses identifies and compares alternatives and examines associated mission and business impacts (both financial and non-financial), risks, and sensitivities. We refine the myriad of decisions that go into determining the best value strategy by using an iterative process that is updated throughout the life cycle as program plans evolve and react to changes in the business and mission environment. Our BCA’s are designed to provide an analytic, standardized, and objective foundation upon which credible decisions can be made.

Our Governance approach ensures that all processes are fully integrated and contribute positively to the organization’s mission. We collaborate with client executives to develop strategic plans, goals, benchmarks and execute them with measurable targets by employing industry best practices.

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